About Us

New England Talent Search (NETS)

This program in New Haven County, CT will include 160 young girls into a comprehensive 4-year program. Held after school, the program runs 3 days a week in addition to Saturday. A summer program will also invite additional students into the program. 

75% of the curriculim will center around the business aspects in their chosen Arts and Entertainment fields. Students will learn about the production and creation details that are required to achieve their goals.

25% of the curriculum will affirm artistic ability in a great range of fields: music, painting, sculpture, drama, poetry, etc. 

Our tutoring program in core subject areas is for those experiencing difficulty with academic achievement and social interaction, leading to truancy or dropping out of school all together.



& Entertainment

Business Training

Our Dream Team

The NETS Program is guided by an Advisory Board  assisting in the production and making decisions for the betterment of the program. 

In addition, we have volunteers, tutors, instructors, and interns working on the project.

Learn more about our CEO and Founder: Samuel Cephas